Ours To Fight For: American Jews in the Second World War presents a rich opportunity to explore the American experience in World War II. Students learn about history through veterans' personal testimony and artifacts, and through dialogue with Gallery Educators about the war and its effect on all Americans, both abroad and on the home front.

Tours focus on the life histories of Americans during World War II, including ethnic and racial minorities, and have been aligned with State Standards. Your class may extend their visit to the Museum by participating in a pre- or post visit in one of our classrooms.

To schedule a school visit, please contact:

Tracy Bradshaw

* Reservations are required for all school and youth group visits. Space is limited, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.

The following tours are currently available to school and youth groups in grades 6-12:

Ours to Fight For: The American People in the Second World War

Explore the history of Americans who participated in WWII in the military and on the home front. Starting with the experience of Jewish Americans, this multi-media tour shows how Americans from different backgrounds came together to defeat the Axis powers. Students examine the lives of servicemen of diverse backgrounds in the military; women in the armed forces and in new jobs in the U.S.; and the changing situation of ethnic and racial minorities on the home front. (Available for grades 6-12)

The American People Encounter the Holocaust

This tour includes both a study of the Holocaust and the history of Americans who participated in WWII in the military and on the home front. It focuses on the experience of the Jews in Europe, American military servicemen encountering the concentration camps, and responses of the world community to the news of the Holocaust. (Available for grades 6-12)

American Jews in the Second World War

Designed for students in Jewish schools, participants learn how World War II affected the lives of American Jews, bridging their identities as Jews and as Americans and furthering their integration into American society. Other features of this tour include Jewish life on the home front and the soldiers' encounter with the Holocaust. It concludes with a discussion of how World War II and the GI Bill transformed Jewish life in America. (Available for grades 6-12)

Teacher's Guide:
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